1.Proactive and think for customer, company, partners benefit in advance

Proactive but not rush is always the first qualification for a good employee

When you think and do somethings that bring the benefits for related partners in advance, don’t wait them ask about that will make you become excellent in their mind.

2.Positive attitude

Like attraction law, when you think, you talk about positive things you will receive the good things

3.Dedicated and take the responsibility 100%

Dedicated yourself will help you learn a lots, good for your, good for company,…

When you fail, let take 100% responsibility (do not blame to others even it is not 100% your mistakes) you will become stronger and learn the remarkable lessons to avoid the similar case in the future and nobody will complaint about you, some cases they will turn to support you then.


Company always appreciate the employee with effective innovation, suggestion.

3M company encourages and reserves the certain working time  for innovation activities. If your ideas can execute and bring the benefit, your promotion award will be a sure.


Keep you modest and simple, people will support and you will go far.