After graduation from school, you will face with the new challenge that get the first job, it can be easy with some one but also rather difficult with others, as my experience following tips may be useful:

1.Attend the internship program before graduation and join the company after that

Attending the internship program is the good opportunity for you show the ability and suitability to working environment of a company, many cases had become the official staff after graduation because you already know the working environment, know the people and some basic knowledge about the job, company usually prefer to recruit the candidate like that.

2.Apply for the trainee management program

Some MNCs have the trainee management program which the successful candidates will receive the professional training to become the management level after finish the program, it is rather challenge but fruitful result if candidate absorb all knowledge and challenges.

3.Do the research about the challenge of the position and the possible solutions for it

Each position has the challenges that need the effective solution. You can do research and find the possible solutions for it, may be your solution doesn’t work yet but at least you know the issue and may have the better solution for it if you have more information and experience.

4.Prepare a positive attitude

This will drive you forward, it is good for you and also for the company, everyone like this attitude.

5.Eager to learn and take more responsibilities

Young people will go far if they are ready to hand on and get responsibility, recruiter like this.