Starting to work in a new company always face with challenges, there are many cases that new employees can not adapt with the company and quit after several days. It is the culture shock that make new people difficult to adjust themselves in the new environment.

So in the most professional company has the orientation training for new employees

As my experience, here are my 5 tips for new employee to adapt with new working environment:

1. If company doesn’t assign any buddy to guide you during the probation time, you should try to make friend with one of staff in your department, you can ask and reply on her/him on something that you can not or afraid to ask.

2.Actively attend to the company activities, special with the out of office activities that help you connect with everyone in the company easily.

3.Try to read all documents, working instructions, company policy, products or services information during the probation training time. You read and observe carefully to understand the company culture then adjust yourself to adapt with it.

4.Actively find any opportunity to support someone (simple tasks) in your department or related department with your ability or skill (ex: you’re good in computer skill), they will appreciate and help you on other knowledge.

5.Work extra time, usually all people are rather busy and stress in the official working time, they don’t have time to talk with you, but after the official working time they can have easier time and mind to talk then you can learn much during that time.