People failure to pursuit a career because:

1. Choose wrong career

Try very hard but can not perform

Each person has strength and weakness, its personality is suitable with different job or career in nature

Ex: an introvert’s like to stay alone and describe themselves in writing better than in person, like work at quiet place if put her/him into a job that is noise, talkative, make friends with many people,… he/she will not perform.

2. Too focus on the short term and inconsistency in action

Usually change jobs for higher salary & benefit even the job don’t help you to closer your goal

Not willing with the current income, always shopping the job around to merely have the better income, don’t care about whether it could help you achieve your long term goal.

3. Compare to others

Always think “Grass always greener on the other side” than jump to another field that leading you to nowhere

Compare with friends who are success in his/her field, feel that it is easy to success if change to that field

4. Negative thinking

Always look the negative side of your career and give up early.

When face with the challenge people with negative thinking usually think about the minus sides of that career and find any reason to excuse, early or late that people also quit.

5. Undiscipline

The motivation is not enough to keep you stick with the selected career

From beginning if you don’t have the clearly and strongly answer for the question, why you choose this career ? you will not have enough motivation to overcome the temporary challenges to continue the jobs until to achieve the career goal.

That are 5 regular reasons that make people failure to pursuit a career