This is the most important question for pupil before enrolling into a vocational centre or college or university every year in the world.

Some tips as my experience:

1.Observer and reference about your father, mother, relatives or friend’s relatives career that may suitable with you

This is an easiest way to have full information and stories about a career

May be you also inherit the family’s DNA that may suitable with this career.

2.During the high school time, should attend many activities including part time working to discover yourself in several aspects and understand some real businesses.

You will have time not only observe but also do the actual jobs then you can feel about it.

3.Read different kinds of book as much as possible

There are a lots of ideas and useful experience in each page of book, you can find out yourself or other interesting people life that may inspire you to the next

4.Talk and listen from senior successful people

They will tell you many stories, value experience that no any book had written about.

5.Attend seminar of famous speaker

You can attend with your family or friend some interesting topics

6.Do the Personality test

Discover yourself