Top 5 tips to have the good performance

1.Proactive and think for customer, company, partners benefit in advance Proactive but not rush is always the first qualification for a good employee When you think and do somethings that bring the benefits for related partners in advance, don’t wait them ask about that will make you become excellent in their mind. 2.Positive attitude Like attraction law, … [Read more…]

Top 5 tips to adapt with new company

Starting to work in a new company always face with challenges, there are many cases that new employees can not adapt with the company and quit after several days. It is the culture shock that make new people difficult to adjust themselves in the new environment. So in the most professional company has the orientation training for … [Read more…]

How to be success in a job interview

Recruiters always appreciate the candidates that prepare carefully before the interview, you can search information about the company, read the job description carefully, find out and prepare the possible solutions for key points of the job responsibility. Honest is always a must qualification of any candidates, recruiters appreciate the person who tell the truth including minus points in advance, … [Read more…]

Top 5 tips to get the first job

After graduation from school, you will face with the new challenge that get the first job, it can be easy with some one but also rather difficult with others, as my experience following tips may be useful: 1.Attend the internship program before graduation and join the company after that Attending the internship program is the good … [Read more…]

How to choose a subject for enrolling a college

This is the most important question for pupil before enrolling into a vocational centre or college or university every year in the world. Some tips as my experience: 1.Observer and reference about your father, mother, relatives or friend’s relatives career that may suitable with you This is an easiest way to have full information and stories … [Read more…]

Choose a career following your passion or following the market ?

Choose a career Many success people advise you to choose a career following your passion or combine the passion and the market need, so what is the right advise ? In my opinion, first we should find out what is the passion ? and where it is from ? As Dictionary: it is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything  It is from … [Read more…]

Top 5 reasons that make people failure to pursuit a career

People failure to pursuit a career because: 1. Choose wrong career Try very hard but can not perform Each person has strength and weakness, its personality is suitable with different job or career in nature Ex: an introvert’s like to stay alone and describe themselves in writing better than in person, like work at quiet place … [Read more…]

How to find the perfect career

Find the perfect career First we should aware that job is different from career, as Careerwise’s definition as below “A job can be just going to work to earn a paycheck. A career means that each of your jobs, experiences, and training programs is helping you advance in pay or responsibility. In the end, is your … [Read more…]

Personality Test

Personality Test Blog for better life strongly recommends you do the Personality Test (free) at It takes around 12 minutes to complete and this test helps you understand yourself significantly. There are 16 types of personalities that category into 4 groups: Group 1: Analysis “ARCHITECT” INTJ (-A/-T) – Imaginative and strategic thinkers, with a plan for everything. “LOGICIAN” INTP (-A/-T) … [Read more…]